Given the prospect of Science and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1404 and consolidated its position in the field of micro and nanotechnology to earn 2% of the global market, research and development of this technology is important. It is based on a comprehensive plan adopted by the supreme council of the cultural revolution, the prioritization of science and technology from the perspective of both financial and human resources officials and managers, nanotechnology and magnetic materials are ranked as A and C, respectively. A number of CFD Iran Expert Center’s achievements in the field of micro and nano magnetorheological fluids properties are as follows:

    • Ferro Fluids (FFs)


Magnetic fluid has potential applications in medicine and industry. These fluids are used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Industry can also use these fluids to increase the heat transfer coefficient for cooling electronic components, manufacturing of motor oil, as well as military and space applications. Stable magnetic nanofluids with the lowest cost is produced. Synthesized nanoparticle size is about 60 nm and produced nanofluids is stable for several months. Also, the ability to produce magnetic nanofluids scales grams and kilograms, with about half the cost of similar foreign example is offers. Analysis of SEM, XRD, FTIR, VSM and DLS was performed for the synthesized samples for quality assessment.