Given the prospect of Science and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1404 and consolidated its position in the field of micro and nanotechnology to earn 2% of the global market, research and development of this technology is important. It is based on a comprehensive plan adopted by the supreme council of the cultural revolution, the prioritization of science and technology from the perspective of both financial and human resources officials and managers, nanotechnology and magnetic materials are ranked as A and C, respectively. A number of Artiman’s process development engineering company’sachievements in the field of micro and nano magnetorheological fluids and STF with unique rheological properties are as follows:

    • Polymeric liquids

Polymeric liquids are similar to monomeric liquids used in displays. Both have dielectric anitroscopy, or the ability toLiquitint-polymeric-colorant-broad-range change directions and absorb or transmit light depending on electric fields. Polymeric liquids form long head-to-tail or side chain polymers, which are woven in thick mats and therefore have high viscosities. The high viscosities allow the polymeric liquids to be used in complex structures, but they are harder to align, limiting their usefulness. The polymerics align in microdomains facing all different directions, which ruins the optical effect. Basically, the polymeric liquids are aligned in one direction, and then the photo curer is cured, “freezing” the polymeric in one direction. Also, the ability to produce polymeric liquids scales grams and kilograms, with about half the cost of similar foreign example is offers. Analysis of SEM, XRD, FTIR, VSM and DLS was performed for the synthesized samples for quality assessment.